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Home Visit Physiotherapy in Southend-on-Sea and London

Home visit Physiotherapy in Southend-on-sea

Home Physiotherapy Southend

Are you looking for home visit physiotherapy in Southend-on-Sea or in Essex ? Physio2Home provides therapy in the patient’s home. Physiotherapy plays an essential role in the rehabilitation of clients with injury, illness and surgery by relieving pain, restoring function, gaining strength, and re-learning walking. With its focus on pain relief, restoration of function, strength building, and assisting with re-learning walking, physio can greatly contribute to the overall well-being and recovery of clients. By offering home-based therapy services, Physio2Home aims to provide convenience and accessibility to those who may have mobility limitations or prefer receiving treatment within their familiar surroundings. This personalized approach enables patients to receive the necessary care while promoting comfort and convenience.

old man taking physiotherapy at home

The physiotherapists accomplish these with the use of various modalities comprising of exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy and others depending upon the conditions of the patients. In some of the circumstances, the patients can attend the physiotherapy clinic. In these situations, home visit physiotherapy will best meet their needs within the comfort of their homes as physiotherapists can visit them at home.

Who should take Home Physio?

Individuals who are affected by debilitating conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), or Stroke may experience pronounced muscle weakness and a substantial decline in functional mobility. Consequently, these individuals may encounter significant challenges when it comes to commuting to physiotherapy clinics for their required treatment sessions.

Injury Some people may have sustained serious injuries have been discharged from hospitals as they have been deemed medically fit. Their injuries may currently prevent them from visiting the physio clinics. The injuries may have occurred in Road Traffic Accident (RTA) involving fractures of lower limb (thigh, leg and pelvic injuries), Spine fractures; Falls resulted in ligament injuries or fracture; Ligament injuries of lower limb e.g. ACL tear of knee, Meniscus tear of Knee, Lateral Ankle Sprain, Sprained Low Back or Disc problems. Physiotherapists in London Chelmsford South-end and surroundings

Post- operative Physiotherapy: Physio plays an important role in the rehabilitation of patients who has undergone surgeries. These operations can range from post-fracture, cancer, neurological, and cardiac surgeries as well as as total hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgeries.

As an alternative to hospital visits: Due to other commitments, some individuals may have difficulty in finding a convenient time to go to the physio clinic/centres because of their busy schedule. In some cases, their apartments are located on higher floors without the availability of lifts. In these cases, it becomes difficult for the older patients or clients with problems in low back or legs to attend the clinics. All these could potentially prevent them from receiving regular therapy sessions; such patients may opt for home therapy as an alternative.

What to expect from therapy at Home?

Post-operative, post-fracture, or post-injury rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in achieving complete functional or optimal functional recovery, which is the desired outcome for patients, referring consultants/physicians, and physiotherapists alike. Once the client’s mobility has been successfully regained through the diligent efforts of the rehabilitation process, they can then avail themselves of the opportunity to seek further treatment at any nearby clinic.

The provision of physio for individuals suffering from illness is a crucial aspect of their overall treatment plan. The prescribed therapy regimen must be diligently followed, even when the patients are at home until they achieve the anticipated recovery from their ailment. In certain instances where medical conditions are progressive, such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease, it becomes necessary to extend the duration of treatment accordingly. It is worth noting that the objectives set for treatment will be periodically reassessed by qualified physiotherapists in response to patients’ responses and progress.

If you need physiotherapy at home in Southend to treat you or your loved one, you can contact us to book an appointment with us at  Physio2Home as we are at your service.

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