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Care of Elderly – Geriatric Physiotherapy

Elderly Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Geriatric physiotherapy, also referred to as care of elderly physiotherapy, is a specialized facet of Physiotherapy dedicated to addressing the distinctive needs and challenges faced by older adults. Aging often accompanies a decline in physical function and mobility, significantly impacting the quality of life for the elderly.

Home visit Physiotherapy in Southend-on-sea

Our Approach for Care of the Elderly Physiotherapy

Physio2Home introduces an innovative approach to geriatric physiotherapy, aiming to deliver personalized care directly to the homes of elderly individuals. Acknowledging the significance of a comfortable and familiar environment during treatment, Physio2Home strives to make the rehabilitation process more accessible and tailored for older adults.

Objectives of Physio2Home

Our primary objective is to enhance the overall well-being and independence of elderly individuals. This is achieved through targeted exercise programs, pain management techniques, balance training, and mobility exercises. Addressing functional limitations associated with current medical conditions or specific age-related conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke recovery, and joint replacements, geriatric physiotherapy with Physio to Home focuses on improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and overall functional abilities.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We offers individualized treatment plans that are tailored to the unique needs of elderly individuals. A qualified physiotherapist conducts a thorough assessment to identify specific areas requiring attention and subsequently develops a comprehensive care plan.

Some of the impairments or problems that can be addressed are:

  1. Mobility Challenges
  2. Balance Issues
  3. Proprioception Decline
  4. Strength Limitations
  5. Motor Planning Difficulties
  6. Walking gait abnormalities
  7. Pain etc


Our vision is to be the leading provider of home physiotherapy services in the UK, offering personalised and evidence-based care to our clients.


Our mission is to help our clients recover from their musculoskeletal and sports injuries, using a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and sports-specific rehabilitation.


Our motive is to improve the quality of life of our clients, by reducing their pain, restoring their function, and enabling them to return to their sport or daily activities.

Patient Education in Geriatric Physiotherapy

In addition to direct treatment sessions at home, Physio2Home prioritizes patient education and empowerment. This includes teaching self-management techniques for pain relief and fall prevention strategies applicable in daily life.

Convenience and Optimal Outcomes

Physio2Home ensures optimal outcomes for elderly individuals seeking rehabilitation or ongoing support by providing care in the comfort of their own home environment. With personalized attention from experienced professionals in the field of geriatric physiotherapy, we emphasizes both convenience and effectiveness in enhancing the well-being of the elderly.

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