Although some orthopaedic surgery cannot be planned in advance, if you are going to have an elective surgery it is often beneficial to have pre-op physiotherapy. Evidence has shown the benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy before going for orthopaedic surgery. Our experienced physiotherapists can prescribe you a pre-op exercise programme to maintain function, strengthen the appropriate muscles and ensure that your road to recovery is smoother.


Post-op Physiotherapy is a vital part of a rehabilitation programme after orthopaedic surgery. Physiotherapy is commenced immediately after operation while you are still on admission, and it should continue after hospital discharge.
After surgery, physiotherapist performs a comprehensive assessment of your muscle strength, joints flexibility and mobility. In conjunction with your physiotherapist, a physiotherapy programme will be designed with rehabilitation goals tailored to your abilities and needs. Subsequently, you will be given therapeutic exercises to mobilise and strengthen your affected joints and muscles and fully optimize your functions. We follow guidelines/protocols as provided by surgeons and have regular discussion/updates with them when needed to ensure peace of mind and the most efficient, safe recovery. Any post-operative protocols you may have been given, bring them along, we’ll talk through them, ensure you’re happy and are on the right path back to full health.